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The costs for registering a patent

Already from EUR 4875,- ex VAT you can have full Dutch patent protection, including an advice about the report of the official novelty research. Because our consultants are sworn-in patent attorneys, the patent application is drawn up according to the high demands the Order of Patent Attorneys makes. Further explanation will be given in our article "Why fixed rates?"

In a first meeting with us at one of our offices in Enschede or Heerenveen, we will first determine whether or not you invention can be considered for patent protection.

Are you a starting entrepreneur? Check out our innovationvoucher. With this we can offer you a Dutch patent for EUR 2995,- ex VAT.

Below, the costs will be further specified, or you can use our Patent cost calculator for a quick overview.

Our rates in more detail

Exploratory novelty research

To further obtain an insight in what is already known in the field of your invention, it can be wise to have an exploratory novelty search done. In such a research, specialised databases will be consulted for publications in the field of that particular invention. Based on the found publications we will assess the possibilities of patent protection for your invention.
The costs for an optional exploratory novelty research are EUR 895,- ex. VAT.

Writing a patent application

To apply for a patent, a patent application has to be written. This is a document in which both the level of technique and the invention itself are being described. Inaday lives up to her name, meaning that the first concept of the patent application will be written up within one workday. De costs for writing a patent application are:

  • EUR 4750,- ex. VAT for the first concept within 1 workday OR
  • You will get a 10% discount if we may deliver the first concept within 3 workdays, (EUR 4750,- minus 10% discount = EUR 4275,-), OR
  • You will get a 20% discount if we may deliver the first concept within 10 workdays (EUR 4750,- minus 20% discount = EUR 3800,-)

Filing the patent application

When you agree with the patent application, it can be filed with, for example, the NL Patent Office or the European Patent Office. The costs for filing are:

  • With the NL Patent Office EUR 180,- (including an official national novelty research), OR
  • With the NL Patent Office EUR 874,- (including an official international novelty research), OR
  • With the European Patent Office EUR 1420,- (including an official international novelty research)

Protection immediately upon filing the application

As soon as the application has been filed your invention is protected. The protection is even valid in the entire world as long as you file further application in the other countries of the world within one year. In short, after the filing of your first application you will have one year left to further investigate the potency of your product and to arrange for further protection.
In about 6 to 9 months after filing, the report of the novelty research set up by one of the Patent Offices will be made available. We will report this to you and we will advise you about what further protection will be possible for your invention, based on the patent application filed. De costs for our report and advice are:

EUR 895,- ex. VAT for reporting and advising about the report of the official novelty research.

In short

You can have Dutch patent protection from EUR 4875,- ex VAT. For filing in other countries or for more information about a European patent application, see also our knowledge booklets.