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Design rates

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The costs of a design right.

The costs for a European design right are:

  • First design: EUR 975,- ex. VAT
  • 2nd to 10th design: EUR 575,- ex. VAT per design
  • 11nd design and up: EUR 475,- ex. VAT per design

With a design right you will get protection for the design of your products. To apply for a design right your product has to be new and it has to have its own (limited) traits. The novelty demand is not as strict as it is with patents. Up until 1 year after the first publication of the design you can apply for design rights.

Design rights should be applied for per country. With designs, it is possible to –for fees that get lower per number of designs- apply for a design right for more than one design. As with trademarks, many of our customers choose to start with protection in the European Union.