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Trademark right

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We protect your trademark right from Enschede and Heerenveen

Protection of your trademark is of great importance. You build it while at the same time building your business. Your products and services distinguish themselves from your competitors' because they are attached to a brand. By legally protecting these through a trademark right, you will maintain the exclusivity you want.

You are not well-protected without a trademark right

You may have the best-functioning brand, without applying for a trademark right, your brand is not well-protected. Trademark right gives you the exclusive right to the use of your brand for the products or services that you offer. Others cannot use your brand and therefore cannot profit from the effort you put in making the brand big. A comforting thought.

What can you protect?

Basically any way you distinguish your products and services as a brand can be protected. Words, logos (like the Adidas logo), colors (like the red/yellow of Shell), design (like the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle) and sounds (like some companies use melodies in commercials): every single one of them can be protected through trademark right.

Different classes

You should always apply for a trademark right for the products or services you offer or are going to offer. These products are presented in accurately specified classes. Inaday will classify your product for you. In consultation with you we will work out the optimal description to guarantee the ultimate protection.

Where is a trademark right valid?

In general we will advise you to protect the brand in the country you are situated and where your most important market opportunities lie.

Registering the trademark depends on in which country you want to register the brand. Each trademark register, such as the Benelux trademark register, the European trademark register or the international trademark register, operates under their own registration procedure. Together with you we will draw up the optimal country coverage and the registration process that goes with it.

How long is the trademark right valid?

Trademark rights are valid for set periods. In most cases, this period will be 10 years. After each period the trademark right can be renewed for the next period. We will, of course, notify you timely of the period's expiration. Besides that, it is important to see if the trademark right is still up to date. For example, when expanding or downscaling your product range or restyling your company logo.

Want to know more about trademark right?

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