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Unitary patent

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One patent for 25 countries

To be granted a European patent you will have to go through a single granting procedure with the European Patent Office (EPO). When the EPO decides to grant you the patent, the patent will fall apart into separate rights which have to be registered separately in each country to be valid in that country. This usually comes with a lot of costs, mostly because of translating costs to translate the patent into the official language of that country and registration taxes to be paid to the national patent office. After years of consultation, finally a solution has been found in the unitary patent.

Central court

The unitary patent is, basically, a European patent, that can be registered as a separate right in the 25 countries that signed the agreement. What is so progressive about the unitary patent is that with a breach of patent legal proceedings can be taken with a central court, and the verdict of the court is valid in all 25 countries. The application procedure is similar to that of a European patent. The process from filing to the decision to grant the patent takes about 5 years on average.

The costs of a unitary patent

In the media, it is being said that the costs for a unitary patent are about 80% lower than those of a European patent. This is incorrect. Only in very extreme cases a cost reduction like that could be possible. Sometimes, the cost might even be higher on the long term. We are happy to offer you advice on this matter.

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