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Is your idea actually new?

With a searchvoucher you can have Inaday perform an exploratory novelty research for a reduced price. In this research we explore a specialized database with numerous patent publications to assess whether your technical innovation, invention or smart idea is new and if there is a good chance at patent protection.

We report our investigation, in which we send along the most relevant publications and advise you about the possibilities of protection regarding the found publications. This advice will help you make the decision whether or not to proceed with a patent application.

What terms and conditions apply to the searchvoucher?

The company has to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and may not be older than 3 years.
Only one searchvoucher per company may be used.

What does a searchvoucher get you ?

An exploratory novelty research, conducted by an experienced researcher.
An advice about the possibilities of protection for the technical innovation.
The usual clear and transparent services of Inaday.

What does a searchvoucher cost ?

The costs for a searchvoucher are EUR 725,- ex VAT. This will save you about 20% regarding the regular Inaday rates.

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