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A patent application gives you peace

With an innovationvoucher you can have an experienced Inaday patent attorney draw up and file a patent with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. This ensures that your technical innovation, invention or smart idea is protected and you are free to discuss it with other parties. That way, you can work on the market introduction without worries.

On top of that, with a patent application you have the possibility to expand the protection to multiple countries for an entire year. In the first year, you can even show your product to the entire world and decide at the end of the year if you desire further protection. This means that upon applying for a Dutch patent, you basically have worldwide protection for a whole year.

What terms and conditions apply to the innovationvoucher?

The company has to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and may not be older than 3 years.
Only one innovationvoucher per company may be used.

What does an innovationvoucher get you ?

  • A patent application drawn up by an experienced patent attorney.
  • Filing of the application with Octrooicentrum Nederland (OCNL, the Dutch patent center).
  • A national novelty research conducted by the OCNL upon application.
  • Timely reminders of the expiration of the first year period, so a decision can be made about protection abroad.
  • Reminders for maintaining the patent.
  • The usual clear and transparent services of Inaday.

What does an innovationvoucher cost ?

The costs for an innovationvoucher are EUR 2995,- ex VAT. This will save you about 40% regarding the regular Inaday rates.

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