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Patent right

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Applying for a patent through our patent agency

Did you come up with a unique solution, a real market opportunity? By protecting your invention or idea through patent right you will have the exclusive right to use your invention. Others cannot market the same or a similar invention without your permission. Your technical capabilities and creative efforts will get the appreciation they deserve with a patent right.

What can you protect with a patent right?

For a patent, the most important thing is that the invention is new. If you have previously shown your findings, sold them or advertised them, you can no longer get the exclusive rights to them. Absolute secrecy is an absolute necessity for a patent.

Where is a patent valid?

In general we will advise you to protect the brand in the country you are situated and where your most important market opportunities lie. Together with you we will draw up the optimal country coverage and the registration process that goes with it. Of course we are completely up to date with the ins and outs of each registration process, so we can offer you a tailor-made patent protection.

How long is a patent valid?

In general, the protection period will be20 years. Every year you can decide whether or not to maintain the right. We will of course timely notify you of the period's expiration.

The costs for a patent right

For EUR 4875,- ex VAT you can have complete Dutch patent protection, including our advice about the report of the official novelty research. For more information you can check our page with patent costs.

Discountvouchers for young entrepreneurs

Inaday wants to stimulate young technical companies to innovate, invent and generate smart ideas. Through this, we can improve the economy together, stimulate work opportunities and build at a positive future.

To help support young technical companies, we offer two vouchers:

  • a Searchvoucher for a novelty research if the innovation, invention or idea is really new
  • an Innovationvoucher to protect your innovation, invention or idea

With the voucher you can use Inaday's services and stay ahead of the competition.

Want to know more about patent right?

Do you have any more questions about patent right protection or do you immediately want to protect your innovative idea? Contact us.