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Design right

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We protect your design from Enschede and Heerenveen

Besides the protection of the newly developed product itself, you can also register the design of your product. With this, you will acquire the exclusive right to the use of that model. Others cannot market the same or a similar product without your permission.

What can you protect?

All things that give your product its characteristics can be protected through design right. Think not only of the design of the physical product, but also of the patterns for fabrics, playing boards, cards and t-shirt prints. From simple designs to complex masterpieces, all designs that are important to you can be protected.

Where is a design right valid?

In general we will advise you to protect the brand in the country you are situated and where your most important market opportunities lie. Together with you we will draw up the optimal country coverage and the registration process that goes with it. Of course we are completely up to date with the ins and outs of each registration process, so we can offer you the best possible design protection.

Violation of your design right

When assessing two similar models it is not the number of differences that decides whether a design right has or has not been violated. There is no 7-differences-rule: in some cases, even two differences (as long as they are of enough importance) will be enough for a different design. In other cases, a dozen of differences (if each difference is only marginal) will not be enough to avoid violation of design right. Any case of similar design will be assessed individually. Inaday can advise you within one day with these kinds of questions.

How long is a design right valid?

In Europe there is a maximum protection period of 25 years, during which you have to renew the protection every 5 years. We will of course timely notify you of the period's expiration.

After the ending of the design right period, in some cases you can still protect your design through copyright or trademark right. Inaday has the experts to advise you and guide you in this.

Want to know more about design right?

Do you have any more questions about design right and/or do you want to protect your product design immediately? Contact us.