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Confidentiality agreement

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With an NDA you can safely speak with other parties

You want to be able to discuss matters with other parties, but your product or idea has not been made public yet. If you cannot (yet) arrange for protection through a patent or design right, a non-disclosure agreement is the perfect solution. After signing the agreement, you will be able to speak with investors, potential business partners and buyers, without worries.

An i-Depot and non-disclosure agreement

With a non-disclosure agreement your contacts will have to keep your product idea a secret. If they do not, then they will have to pay a hefty fine. You will have to have them sign the agreement before disclosing any information about your idea. An i-Depot in combination with a non-disclosure agreement can be the right thing for you. With an i-Depot you can prove that you were the first one with that particular new idea.

We will arrange everything for you!

Inaday can file an i-Depot for you and fill out the non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that everything is well-arranged. We will arrange everything for you for the minimal cost of EUR 245,- ex VAT . Contact us !

Do it yourself?

You can also download the non-disclosure agreement (in Dutch) drawn up by Inaday.