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Knowledge booklets

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Our experience with protection summarized

We have summarized our experience for you in a number of booklets. In each booklet an aspect of the protection of a product through a patent, trademark, or design will be explained. Besides that, in each booklet we will indicate how long the various steps take and what the accompanying costs will approximately be.

Dutch patent in 6 steps

The course of a Dutch patent application will be further explained in this booklet, starting with novelty search up to the granting of a patent and the maintenance of the patent. Furthermore, we indicate the average costs of such a process and how long the various steps take.

European patent in 9 steps

The process of a European patent application is more elaborate and there are more steps to be taken. In this booklet the entire procedure of how to obtain a patent right in Europe will be explained clearly and in simple steps. The costs and duration of the various steps to take are made accessible, too.

Expanding patent protection

When the first patent application has been filed, you are free to make your invention public and to market it. Within a year, however, a decision as to whether or not the protection of the first application should be expanded will have to be made. In this booklet the possibilities of expansion and which aspects to take into account as to make a well-considered decision will be indicated.