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For a beginning entrepreneur, the first years are all about building a reputation and expanding your clientele. Usually you go about this with a selection of products and services so that people can clearly see and know what you are doing.

These products and services can be based on a new technological development, but also on an existing and trusted business concept. In both cases, registration and protection can be an interesting option.

Protect your name

First and foremost, you can register the name of your company and/or the products and services. You put all of your energy into building a reputation for your company. Without protection, others can become active under your name without any hindrance. Without a doubt a scenario you would not like to think about.

Protect your products and services

Besides registering the name of your company, you can also look into whether or not your products and services can be protected. After all, these are the main activities of your company and they are how you keep the business going.
Protection of your name, products, and/or services does not necessarily have to be in the entire (prospected) field of work from the beginning on. A registration in a single country, for example where you are located, gives you the option to later on expand this to other countries.

What are my options?

Inaday will gladly help you make a good, well-considered choice between costs and protection.

Check out the possibilities of trademark right and patent right and the corresponding costs, or contact Inaday.

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