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Small and medium enterprises

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Within the small and medium sized enterprises there is constant innovation. New products and services are invented daily, business methods are changed, and new product names and logos are developed. Protection should be kept in mind with each innovation.

Protect your innovation

Innovation does not just happen within your company. You invest time, money and energy into the development of products and services. When innovation leads to a successful new product, competitors are itching to be carrying the successful product. A good advice in advance and the protection of your innovation can prevent that your competition can profit from your success.

What are my options?

Inaday can advise you about how your existing IP portfolio (Intellectual Property: patents, trademarks, designs, copyright) can be expanded or adapted, so your new products and services will also be well-protected. Besides that, we will make sure that your IP portfolio will be maintained.

Check out the possibilities of trademark right and patent right and the corresponding costs, or contact Inaday.