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Exploiting a brand is art in its own way. When you give out licenses, you give others the permission to use your trademark for certain products according to certain regulations drawn up by you in advance. This license right is often connected to a certain area, for example a country or a combination of countries.

Protect your trademark

When giving out licenses for your trademark it is important to apply for your trademark right in the countries that are concerned in the matter, and to maintain those rights. A central coordination of your trademark rights is of importance to prevent contradictory arguments from happening in different procedures. Besides that, it might be that your brand is restyled. It is important that, at the same time, the portfolio of rights is then being "restyled" as well.

What are my options?

Because of our global network of agents, Inaday is capable of managing, maintaining and renewing your trademark portfolio, within the Netherlands as well as worldwide.

Check out the possibilities of trademark protection and the corresponding costs, or contact Inaday straightaway.